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What is this paper you gave me and how much is on it? 

Just scan the help code for instructions. Well If you are reading this, Then perhaps that is what you did. :)

Dash balance link


To complete this section, You would need to understand, how to load the digital wallet on your mobile phone, or on a desktop computer. You can find a Walkthrough guide here. (Android and Ios) 

Once you have the mobile app installed, You can Sweep the dashes from the paper address to your mobile phone.


* Carefully open the Token, the Credits, paper wallet, what ever you want to call it

* Open dash wallet on mobile.

* Select sweep paper from Menu

* Scan sweep code with mobile app

* Entire Balance is transferred to Mobile Wallet.

*Once you have confiremd the balance on the mobile app. Destroy the Paper. Don't use it again. it's not safe any more, once it has been scanned once.

* Now you can send tokens to other mobile wallets Right across the globe.


Open this link on your mobile phone.

* Then Go back to the bar code scanner.

* Scan the Receive address with your phone.

* Copy the address to the clip board.

* Switch back to chrome where the block explorer is open.

* Paste the clipboard address in the text box.

* It loads all the send and receive requests for the address. Kind of like a statement.


The Sweep is the action to take all value from the paper wallet to the mobile wallet. It's like a transfer. There are some cost involved in all transactions but it's negligible. Just open the menu in the app and look for the option to sweep a wallet. Then just follow the Instructions.


Now that you have some dashes on your mobile phone, You can start sending them to friends for what ever reason. It's really easy. just get your friends wallet code and send them some Dashes. Now everybody can have dashes. YEY!!


1. The Receiving address is the address you give to others so they can send you more tokens to the paper. as long as you have not scanned the Sweep address(Private Key) Then your Dash wallet is quite secure. it's offline. And makes for a good way to store your dashes.

2. The sweep address is when you wish load tokens into the mobile app. You sweep the tokens from the paper into the mobile app. and then you can send them to other people that has the mobile app. 
PS. NOTE*Paper tokens are single use only. Don't keep the address once the tokens have been sweeped from the Paper.

3. Check the balance. Verification times are less than a few minutes. Much, Much faster than Bitcoin. Verification times between mobile devices is also faster than when you are receiving tokens from paper.Simply enter the receiving address into the block explorer and it will show you all the entries for that address. also the balance. PS* you need to give some minutes between transfers and checking the balance. If you check too soon the balance will not be there yet. so wait a few minutes. Should not be more than a few minutes, and more often than not, It's blazing fast.


Making a case for use of dash as means of value exchange:
1. A story of today.  1 Dash is worth in excess of R1900
Thabo is standing in the street on his way to a very promising second interview, but he needs airtime,Thabo has been jobless for nearly 3 years now,He has a computer an have been tinkering, through this he has amassed some "Worthless Doge,DGB,XVG" coins thousands of them, hundreds of thousands of them, He has been paying everyone hundreds of coins when ever they aided him some cash to get by.,Well.. In rands those coins were almost nothing, but since everyone has been supporting him, He thought it good to return the gesture, he promised them that one day those coins will be worth something, His sister Ntandi, He always gets airtime from her, and then beams her some coins in return.. Ha Ha, in fact Ntandi now have more coins than Thabo. But Thabo knows. One day those coins will be worth so much more. 

2. A story perhaps 2 years in the future
Sofia is baking a cake for the Church bazaar and she runs short of flour, She runs to Mrs van Niekerk next door, Mrs van Niekerk knows the drill by now, When Sofia knocks its' usually, either eggs, sugar or flour. "Ag thank goodness Mrs Van Niekerk, Im short of a cup of Flour" she says in a hastly tone , a little out of breath., Mrs vanNiekerk replies in a kind and smiling manner, "No Problem, I knew you would be baking today, I had a cup ready just for you." Gratefully Sofia beams some credits to Mrs van Niekerks' Phone. and she's off. 

3.A story in perhaps 10 years.
Oom Japie, is on the Farm, he wakes up at 3 am in morning to hear that his favorite horse "Golden rider" is having a foal, He has been waiting in anticipation for 3 nights now., Hurriedly he phones his next door neighbor Oom Fanie the local Vet for help. After hours of struggle the foal is born, A little healthy horse. Oom Japie is very relieved and so happy about this new little one. and Beams Oom Japie the balance of the bill. 

Great, Now, how do I get it out?

The Million $ question that everyone wants to know, Now, Wel if you have already read this line it means technically what you read, is already in the past. nothing is quite prevailing as the past.

This is an entire mind shift. When VHS went to youtube, did you ever ask, so how do I get it back on VHS? no. I'm sure you haven't, When Vinyl and tapes went to MP3, I'm sure you didn't ever convert any of your Mp3's back to tape and Vinyl. And also you have never thought about wanting to do that. The only reason most people have trouble with this shift is because of their attachment to the actual system not the value of the currency, But we are so addicted to they way it works that we cant see that it is broken.  

This is the same. Converting back to the local currency is possible, Gosh, It's not even really hard. But it's the principle.
So if you really want to see how to convert the DASH back to your local Currency in this case ZAR.

See the Guide.(Comming soon)

DASH-BOARD: last post 2017/05/15

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This site is work in progress. Im working on some videos. I will post them soon.

To do: Videos
1. What is the dash wallet and why do I want it
2. Dashwallet how to
3. Determine dash value
4. Buying dashes
5. Spending dashes
6. Saving in dashes
7. Returns on Savings
8. (F.A.Q session)

And for those who dare:
8. Running a Transactional Calculator (Miner)
9. Setting up a Minature node
10. (lets see what the people want)

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Exchanges to keep clear from 


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Working towards setting up a DASH MASTERNODE in South Africa.

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