The stories we tell about money.

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Imagine for a minute, The sun beating down on your head, You stand at the Atm, it's not working 
that feeling you get. Or you are standing at checkers and you only have a card and there is a que open just for cash. That feeling. Or you are sure you had more than what you are supposed to have. That feeling. Well That feeling is created by one place only. a 3rd party. 

Imagine that in some point in future, We no longer have paper money, But instead of having a bank card you keep it right on your phone. So if I lose my phone then it's gone. also Other people can't steal or hack it. Unless you don't have a pin or your password is 1234. 

So Imagine, you are in that future, walking around. You go into a brightly lit corner store, The smell of coffee and freshly baked scones. You promptly order your desire. And then you have to pay. You have some credits on your phone, and simply beam them to the shop owner .. now the coins is on the shop owners phone.. Or you are at a braai. Im sure there will be some sort of braai to find in the future, You are with a friend that you owe R30 000 he agrees that you can pay him in credits. So you beam them directly from your phone to, Your friends phone. 

Now imagine that..

On one, brisk, and bright, Saturday morning, you rise early, to catch the latest produce, at the local market. With the credits on your phone. You see some scrumptious carrots and grab a bunch and simply beam credits from phone to phone, The Stall owner is smiling wide, as you wave her good buy.. No 3rd party. intermediary. The implications are monumental.  So snap back to today.

Most of what I just told you. People are already doing it. It's just, These kind of things comes with responsibility, Your responsibility is to realize that there are a ton of opportunity in this growing market for people to take advantage, of other people who, doesn't take the time, to, get to know the subject. So, they fall for every scheme thinkable and Brand the entire system as a scam. Just because Ford Kugas burn out. Doesn't mean Cars are a scam ... 

I will repeatedly say, Always check what ever you find with other people on the forums. So yes. There are loads of scams, people build on the fame of Crypto-Currency,  See the Wiki explanation for this term

Head over to the dashboard for more real info, The stuff the media is only catching up to now.

For Those of you that are familiar, with Zapper and Snap scan, Here is a new Idea. Now you can charge and pay people in a currency that doesn't involve 3rd parties.

"Money Today" ~ Is based on a 18th century Model. Invented by a group of Privateers, It has served us well~ So, If you want a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and the alt-coins. Here is a Brilliant Explanation .It's about 47 minutes, But well worth it, If you can keep up. 

Always EXPECT THE BEST, but always BE PREPARED for the worst.

That way, you may mitigate most of your frustrations through life.  

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You can verify this from the dash foundation. at Here is a link to the article in the dash foundation forum. <-- Scam site, be ware

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